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The Power of Vision

I have to come realize that I am a visual learner. God often speaks to me through what I see.  In practical terms, I am far better off if I can see an example, to show me what needs to be done . When  I read through the Bible,  I get excited by examples of women, God used to make a difference through their lives These women give me a vision of who we can become in Christ. They inspire me to  “see” the potential in me and also women from every street, in every neighborhood of our city (and the surrounding towns) in our region of Taranaki.

It causes  me to believe that God can help women in our region to become: Continue reading The Power of Vision

“I can make a difference to my generation”

Letitia Shelton NP 20th may 2014

Attending Letitia Shelton’s Dessert and Coffee Night where she spoke on the life of teenage girls really opened my eyes to some ways that girls my age can be shown God’s love and grace.

Her presentation is something that all Christian women need to hear. The girls that Letitia spoke about were the girls in my generation and it was interesting to sit and listen and see how many women didn’t know how bad it had become in a teenage girl’s world today. The copious amount of pressure from friends, boyfriends and society have such large effect on the way that girls feel they have to be and eventually, it all adds up leaving the girls hurt and broken. Letitia really inspired me to chase after the visions God has put in my heart to see young girls from all around Taranaki saved. God spoke to me through Letitia and showed me that I can make a difference for his purpose by showing the girls out there that they’re loved by Jesus.

–Aleisha Clow


Aleisha is a full time intern at Park City Church who has a passion for youth and music. She finished Girl’s High in 2013 and is now doing a one year Diploma in Christian ministry through Vision College.

The Power of Words

In Genesis God created the world ‘by saying…’, and then created man in His image. He made us with powerful words, and to carry powerful words, 2 Samuel 23: 2 “the Spirit of The Lord spake by me, and His word was in my tongue”. Psalm 45:1″ My heart is indicting a good matter: I speak of the things which I have made touching the king: my tongue is the pen of a ready writer”.

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