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New-creation-in-Christ 1

I am constantly in awe of the beauty and intricacy in the environment that is our world, and am astounded at the complexity of the human body and mind, the knowledge of which, in recent years is exploding, due to modern technology.   Last year I received revelation of the importance of our natural environment in terms of that environment being God’s creation, and His purpose in creating us as its caretakers.   Continue reading OUR WONDERFUL WORLD

Taranaki named top tourist destination

New Plymouth is an amazing place to live.

The Daily News had an article on 5th March 2014 that named Taranaki  as the top tourist destination!

Apparently it even caught the survey organisers by surprise, beating the Coromandel and Milford Sound to take top spot on a list of New Zealand’s best destinations. They said   “Travelers are looking at Taranaki like a best-kept secret.”

To anyone that lives here, this is not a secret.  It might be off the beaten track but its a fabulous place with Continue reading Taranaki named top tourist destination