Jesus – my Saviour, my Rock, in whom I can Trust

Recently my week started with a change of position at work that involved a lot of concentration and good time management to get through the tasks of the day.  At 4.30pm my Manager walked into our area and called our attention giving us the news we were all redundant. I’ve never been redundant before. It was a shock, I immediately sent up “arrow” Prayers, Lord you know my heart, my needs, help me through this, and the work I have yet to finish today.

Few days later a family member who has cancer was being operated on. Within hours we were notified, that the cancer was more advance than expected. She was stitched straight back up. The news was not good.

In the midst’s of these grief’s we are also working alongside our niece to plan their wedding service and the excitement of the day to come.

Then our daughter rings with the news. “I am shifting flats”..Okay… keeping calm I ask “Why?” Her response … “I am moving to be nearer to my new church – family”  – WOW!   Praise God.

 The events of this one week have taken place in the midst of other major changes we are facing for our lives and us not knowing what the future holds. But God knows.  An interesting lesson I learnt about my job was that I planned that I would be in the role for another 5 months.  Just like Proverbs 16:9   In his heart a man plans his course but the Lord determines his steps.   God has other plans!

Our family member with cancer, thought her op was going to help and give her more days. Just when our daughter was settling in her flat, God has moved her into a better place and to be closer to church.

How do we cope ……..   when our emotions are all over the place, grieving one moment, rejoicing the next.

In God I put my trust, To God I cried, To God I went rejoicing.

God gave me peace, hope and a joyful heart. 

Today and every day Trust in God. Call out to Him.

Hebrews: 13:5  For God has said.. I will never fail you, I will never forsake you. That’s why we can say with confidence. The Lord is my helper. So I will not be afraid. What can mere mortals do to me.

This weeks post has been contributed by Beth Mossop. Beth works in accountancy  and Leighton her husband is a  senior leader in the New Plymouth Bible Chapel. They have 2 great kids and a love for life.

2 thoughts on “Jesus – my Saviour, my Rock, in whom I can Trust”

  1. Thanks, Beth, for real illustrations of what life is like, and for an equally realistic look at what our God is like. He truly does ‘plug the gaps’ ( thinking this because we’ve had a bathroom renovated and there are 2 wall holes which need to be filled ). Being made redundant is a big hole but God’s an expert at filling holes.

  2. And you said that you could not do this at the moment…. You did good! Really encouraging word Beth

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