New-creation-in-Christ 1

I am constantly in awe of the beauty and intricacy in the environment that is our world, and am astounded at the complexity of the human body and mind, the knowledge of which, in recent years is exploding, due to modern technology.   Last year I received revelation of the importance of our natural environment in terms of that environment being God’s creation, and His purpose in creating us as its caretakers.  

As a Christian of 40 years, I have yet to hear a sermon reminding us of our job description given to us in Genesis 1:26 – 28. These verses tell us that God finished creating our world, sat back and contemplated His amazing self-generating, interdependent and intricate planet, then created men and women in His creative image to take the responsibility of caring for it.  The revelation He gave me was an insight into His love of our beautiful world and humankind as creative beings, with the purpose of caring for and maintaining His masterpiece. Has God changed this job description? My intention is not that we all join the Green Party or lose sight of caring for people, but that we consider not only God’s love for us, but for the whole of His creation.

This weeks post has been contributed by Jenny who lives in New Plymouth with her husband Daniel. They attend citywestchurch with 2 of their adult children after retiring from nearly 20 years as Pastors of C3 Church New Plymouth, which they pioneered in 1993.