Lean into faith and future.

Leaning in - Poised to runWhen you balance on a pivot like a seesaw you can change your direction by the way you lean. The challenge God gives us is to lean into faith and future. We are called to a life of faith. What does that look like for you? God called Gideon to save a nation when he was hiding in a wine press. He called him a mighty hero when Gideon was so far from feeling like a hero. Gideon chose faith over status quo! Continue reading Lean into faith and future.


New-creation-in-Christ 1

I am constantly in awe of the beauty and intricacy in the environment that is our world, and am astounded at the complexity of the human body and mind, the knowledge of which, in recent years is exploding, due to modern technology.   Last year I received revelation of the importance of our natural environment in terms of that environment being God’s creation, and His purpose in creating us as its caretakers.   Continue reading OUR WONDERFUL WORLD