Jo parker Snoopy and Charlie

What an incredibly inspirational time we had with Letitia Sheldon when she came to speak at the Inspiring Women Night! I really believe her stories scattered seeds into our hearts and I am excited to see these sprout and grow in the coming months.

As I was driving home, I reflected on Letitia’s exceptional commitment to the call of God on her life. In particular, what stood out to me was her belief that none of her steps were started in greatness but were rather ordinary steps, taken by an ordinary woman, with an extraordinary God.

Through her commitment to honouring God in everyday things, she was able to walk into His extraordinary plan for her town. This got me thinking about all the ‘ordinary’ women doing seemingly ‘ordinary’ tasks in our communities and who are actually walking out the extraordinary plan of God. Whether it’s the non-glamorous carpools to youth events, the heavy lugging of groceries for community meal, cooking for a friend who just had a baby, cleaning the church, setting up for a meeting, or washing the morning tea dishes; these actions, while appearing so mundane, actually make up the path of a woman extending the work of an extraordinary God. He has an extraordinary plan for your town and you are a part of outworking it. Learning to embrace daily tasks is so important because ‘your ordinary can be someone’s miracle’!

By Jo Parker – an extraordinary woman and all round great gal.