The Power of Words

In Genesis God created the world ‘by saying…’, and then created man in His image. He made us with powerful words, and to carry powerful words, 2 Samuel 23: 2 “the Spirit of The Lord spake by me, and His word was in my tongue”. Psalm 45:1″ My heart is indicting a good matter: I speak of the things which I have made touching the king: my tongue is the pen of a ready writer”.

We have been created to create , and re- present Him in this life, to be like lightening rods that connect Heaven , where we are seated with Him, with earth. I grew up under harsh criticism within my family of origin, and my world was miserable . Since coming to follow Jesus and His love, my words have been very important for me, and creating the atmosphere of His love around me.

I even attracted my then-to-be husband through a play I did in youth group…yes 31 years ago , by speaking well. It was a play about a 2 gardeners, the first was harsh and told the flowers off for not quite being good enough. The result was these flowers drooped their heads, bowed their stems and never reached the beauty they were designed for.

The second gardener was me! Along I came in my red gumboots to church, A watering can in my hand, onto the stage I bounded and spoke the flowers potential. I spoke into what they were originally designed for , how they had all the potential/DNA of a flower to be beautiful and to bring beauty. Of course the flowers rose to the love, the promise , the hope of what they were created for. And the garden looked amazing. And my to-be husband had his eyes awakened to my potential! That is our story of him first pursuing me as his love.

We are created in His image, the power of life and death in the tongue has been given to us, to re-create our environment so that it hums with potential, life and promise, so it prophesies Hope to the hopeless, and love to the unlovely. It has been my battle, my triumph in bringing Jesus into my day.

I woke up today with the song….”early in the morning Lord, I will praise you.” Let’s declare the promise and hope of Him into our world, and our worlds. You never know who will be attracted to the light.

This post is written by Beth Lee ,who along with her husband Chris, pastor  Citylife Church in New Plymouth.