Reflections on Easter

This past week I have been reflecting on Easter, here are some thoughts…

Friday reminds us of death and of heartache. Saturday comes and with this day there is mourning, there is a desperate state of being, there comes the questions, the ‘what if’s’ the ‘if only’s’…. BUT!! Sunday is coming, and when Sunday comes, JOY is restored. HOPE is here and Jesus is ALIVE!!

Our daily lives can become a bit like Easter… We hit a “Friday” where death and heartache, trials and strife come our way….as the heaviness of what has taken place sets in on our lives we move into a state of “Saturday”, but we often get stuck in “Saturday” we get stuck in grief, in pain, in hopelessness….we loose our forward focus…we forget that God is bigger than our “Saturdays” that he has a bigger plan than we can see, we can’t see the future but God can…and HE KNOWS SOMETHING WE DON’T KNOW!!(Do da do da…) What does he know you ask? He knows that JESUS IS ALIVE!! He knows that a NEW day is dawning and if we choose to step out of ourselves and step into HIM that WE will be made ALIVE too!!

When God gives life, God gives freedom!! God has more than just Fridays and Saturdays for you, his plans for you are of LIFE and HOPE and FUTURE, he also created “Sundays” and “Mondays”…and “Tuesdays” …and so on…. Don’t get stuck on “Saturday” God has more for you than what a “Friday” or “Saturday” could ever bring….take a leap of faith, step into a “Sunday” a “Monday” a “Tuesday” a “Wednesday”…. I dare ya!! Death where is your sting? He has won the victory!!!! Hallelujah!!


Hayley Kirkland, Youth Pastor at New Plymouth Central Baptist Church is the writer of this weeks post.

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