Of Sheep and Shepherds

I was teaching the kids at church about Jesus the shepherd recently.  I remembered my pet lambs from a childhood growing up on a sheep farm and explained how my lambs always knew my voice, even years later, and would come running when I called them by name.

Reflecting on how much care the shepherd took to protect and care for his sheep in Biblical times, I marvel at the ingenuity of Jesus’ parable of His care for us in John 10. He calls us by name: our Father. He leads us: our teacher and counsellor. He goes ahead of us: our equipper and provider. We can fully trust Him because we know His voice. It is because we know His voice we can follow Him and stay protected.

In the Lakes District in England I walked for hours along tracks marked by old dry stone walls, which made me think of why sheep must have felt so secure in their folds, with the shepherd close by. How much more can we rest and relax in the knowledge that Jesus our shepherd is watching at the gate of whatever fold He has led us to; we are totally and unquestionably safe!

Prue Francis, the writer of this week’s post, is a wife to Kim, mother, grandmother, and teacher who loves to write when she makes the time. She enjoys gardening and walking and is especially grateful for the beautiful country she lives in and the special beauty of Taranaki.