Whakakite/Blueprints February16-17 2018

Whakakite/Blueprints is an event for the women in our Taranaki Region, to be held on 16-17th February 2018. It is hosted by CityLife Church

Ps Beth Lee writes of this event:

“Tēnā koutou

We invite you and your wonderful women to an around the mountain event; Taranaki women for Taranaki women- Whakakite /Blueprints.

This event is to gather, spend time together, and be inspired together. To hear the voice of God and then translate that voice in the way we have been gifted in our areas of influence. It will involve some traditional sharing around New Testament prophecy, but also encouraging us in our heart condition and motivation for translating God’s voice in and outside the church walls. 

We have the wonderful Cindy Ruakere leading us in worship and ministry, and sharing her prophetic journey, along with other women around the maunga/ mountain sharing their stories, and how the hearing God translates not just in Words given, but lifestyles, mission, whānau/family, work, relationships, creative media and more. Both the book of Acts and the book of Joel say that  our sons and daughters will prophesy. Corinthians declares ‘all may prophesy’. We want to explore how we hear, and how we translate what we hear to affect the world around us. 

We have specifically structured the Saturday so that we can rest, listen and connect with each other, and hear the voice of God in our midst. 

Psalm 68: 11″ The Lord speaks; many, many women spread the good news”. (NET bible)

We are excited to have you journey with us to connect the women in Taranaki. We believe that there is so much promise declared around this region that it would be great to come together and share together, and work in unity for our region.” 

Click here to Check out the facebook page for more details about how to register for this event.


Early bird registration (19.01.2018) $50

Full registration (14.02.2018) $65


email: admin@citylife.org.nz


An evening with JuliaGrace




Central Baptist in New Plymouth have arranged a fabulous women’’s event with Julia Grace.

Saturday 25th July. 

 89 Liardet St, New Plymouth

 Julia Grace is a talented musician, singer and passionate communicator. She has a way of capturing the toughest moments with a “go-get” attitude and plenty of laughter along the way.

This evening is an NPCLN event with proceeds going to Nepal via JF Ministries.  (JF ministries is a mission group working regularly in Nepal with good contacts to Christian churches seeking to give aid direct to needy in their communities.)

Please promote this  evening out. It’s an awesome opportunity to take a friend for a great night out, as well as fund-raising for a needy cause.

The evening begins with Coffee and Cake @7pm

TICKETS: $10.00

Contact Anne by email   annekelderman@hotmail.com

or ring Central Baptist Church 758 6512

Return to Dignity with Marilyn Skinner

Marilyn SkinnerMarilyn Skinner from Watoto (Living Hope Ministries) will be in New Plymouth for an evening for her book release – Return to Dignity.

This is a combined NPCLN and Influencing Women evening and the invitation is for all women to come and hear the amazing Marilyn Skinner speak hope into lives.

  • WHEN: 6.45pm Wednesday November 12th (nibbles first)
  • WHERE: City Life church (Egmont St) on
  • COST: $10

Tickets distributed through NPCLN, contact Continue reading Return to Dignity with Marilyn Skinner

Jesus – my Saviour, my Rock, in whom I can Trust

Recently my week started with a change of position at work that involved a lot of concentration and good time management to get through the tasks of the day.  At 4.30pm my Manager walked into our area and called our attention giving us the news we were all redundant. I’ve never been redundant before. It was a shock, I immediately sent up “arrow” Prayers, Lord you know my heart, my needs, help me through this, and the work I have yet to finish today.

Few days later a family member who has cancer was being operated on. Within hours we were notified, that the cancer was more advance than expected. She was stitched straight back up. The news was not good. Continue reading Jesus – my Saviour, my Rock, in whom I can Trust

Lean into faith and future.

Leaning in - Poised to runWhen you balance on a pivot like a seesaw you can change your direction by the way you lean. The challenge God gives us is to lean into faith and future. We are called to a life of faith. What does that look like for you? God called Gideon to save a nation when he was hiding in a wine press. He called him a mighty hero when Gideon was so far from feeling like a hero. Gideon chose faith over status quo! Continue reading Lean into faith and future.


New-creation-in-Christ 1

I am constantly in awe of the beauty and intricacy in the environment that is our world, and am astounded at the complexity of the human body and mind, the knowledge of which, in recent years is exploding, due to modern technology.   Last year I received revelation of the importance of our natural environment in terms of that environment being God’s creation, and His purpose in creating us as its caretakers.   Continue reading OUR WONDERFUL WORLD

The Power of Vision

I have to come realize that I am a visual learner. God often speaks to me through what I see.  In practical terms, I am far better off if I can see an example, to show me what needs to be done . When  I read through the Bible,  I get excited by examples of women, God used to make a difference through their lives These women give me a vision of who we can become in Christ. They inspire me to  “see” the potential in me and also women from every street, in every neighborhood of our city (and the surrounding towns) in our region of Taranaki.

It causes  me to believe that God can help women in our region to become: Continue reading The Power of Vision

Lasting the Distance

I don’t know about you but sometimes I find living in a fast paced world, where trends and things go out of fashion almost the second they are in, a little unsettling. We find ourselves approaching life with a “you only live once” mentality grasping and grabbing at experiences, jobs and things to try and make the most of what is fleetingly placed before us.

You may have heard of the term “planned obselecence”. This is a design policy whereby a product or consumer item is designed with a limited useful life so that it will become obsolete or unfashionable after a certain period of time. Now while this might be good for product producers and a stimulated economy it is I think a sign of our times where the terms “throw away” and “disposable” are all too commonplace. Continue reading Lasting the Distance


Jo parker Snoopy and Charlie

What an incredibly inspirational time we had with Letitia Sheldon when she came to speak at the Inspiring Women Night! I really believe her stories scattered seeds into our hearts and I am excited to see these sprout and grow in the coming months.

As I was driving home, I reflected on Letitia’s exceptional commitment to the call of God on her life. In particular, what stood out to me was her belief that none of her steps were started in greatness but were rather ordinary steps, taken by an ordinary woman, with an extraordinary God.

“I can make a difference to my generation”

Letitia Shelton NP 20th may 2014

Attending Letitia Shelton’s Dessert and Coffee Night where she spoke on the life of teenage girls really opened my eyes to some ways that girls my age can be shown God’s love and grace.

Her presentation is something that all Christian women need to hear. The girls that Letitia spoke about were the girls in my generation and it was interesting to sit and listen and see how many women didn’t know how bad it had become in a teenage girl’s world today. The copious amount of pressure from friends, boyfriends and society have such large effect on the way that girls feel they have to be and eventually, it all adds up leaving the girls hurt and broken. Letitia really inspired me to chase after the visions God has put in my heart to see young girls from all around Taranaki saved. God spoke to me through Letitia and showed me that I can make a difference for his purpose by showing the girls out there that they’re loved by Jesus.

–Aleisha Clow


Aleisha is a full time intern at Park City Church who has a passion for youth and music. She finished Girl’s High in 2013 and is now doing a one year Diploma in Christian ministry through Vision College.